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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Crank baits are your friends now

With summer now in full swing a lot of people are heading to the lakes to fish and boat. Many campgrounds are reopening, but there are special guidelines nearly everywhere, so be sure to check all that out before you plan an event.

As far as early summer bass fishing, it is a good time to be on the water. Bass are off the nest and starting to move all over the lake. Some will stay in shallow areas, some will scatter out along banks and shorelines, and some will fold in and around cover like many forms of wood cover, weed beds and rocky cover. Some will even go deeper to cooler and more oxygen rich water to spend most of the summer.

There is a bait that can be used to fish for bass in shallow water, in and around cover and in pretty deep water. This bait is a crank bait. These baits come in three sizes — shallow diving, medium diving, and deep diving. Shallow baits basically run subsurface to around three feet deep. Medium range baits cover from around three feet to six or or seven feet deep. The deep divers run down to 20 feet deep or more and come with weighted baits.

Most crank baits come with a bill on the front of the bait. The size and design of the bill determines the diving depth and the built-in action of each bait. Learning this just takes time on the water fishing these baits and using them and developing a feel for each one. Once you have a general knowledge of these baits and have confidence in choosing and fishing certain baits, a crank bait can become a very important part of you bass fishing success.

I have fished with these baits for many years and with full confidence in knowing they will catch bass. As a matter of fact many pro bass anglers depend on crank baits to catch bass quickly and get a limit of bass.

So if you are looking for some good bass action, give these great baits a try.

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