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Reel in the bass with spinner baits

There are many good artificial baits for summer bass — top water, crank, worms and jigs, and several others — but one of the best is the old dependable spinner bait.

Spinner baits are very versatile and can be used in many ways. You can retrieve it just under the surface and break the surface by reeling faster and holding the rod tip high. You can cast close to heavy cover and work it in and around and through heavy cover by working it slowly and working your rod tip to bring it over limbs and other cover. The design and style of this bait make it nearly weedless and snag-proof.

You can also reel spinner baits in fast enough to work them at midrange depths. And you can “slow roll” retrieve a bigger spinner bait to work it very deep .So you can see this is a bait that can be adapted to match any condition and any fishing situation you might run across.

I have fished spinner baits 12 months out of the year and caught bass in shallow to deep water in both warm and cold water. This bait comes in many sizes and colors. There are three basic blade styles — the willow leaf, the Colorado, and the Indiana. These baits come in two styles, a short and a long arm version.

Most of the time you just want to retrieve the bait fast enough to feel the vibration of the blade spinning in your rod. You can cast these bait a long distance and work them back and change the retrieve to make the bait fall and twitch. This is a great way to draw strikes from bass.

Bass will follow schools of baitfish and feed. Spinner baits give off that same flash and vibration of the blades. This makes it a top choice for bass.

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