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Bass are now ‘scattered everywhere’

Bass are now scattered everywhere from shallow to deep. If you are looking for them in mostly shallow areas there are key spots with and without cover to check out. Bass will move along shallow banks in summer looking for shad and small bluegill and crawfish or anything in the water like worms and bugs.

When bass are on the hunt they can be really active, and being in the right spot can pay off big. Use baits that cover shallow water fast and can locate feeding bass. This will eliminate a lot of dead water areas. Buzz baits, spinner baits and crank baits work well to do this. Some baits like top waters and twitch chuggers and small inline spinners will catch shallow bass.

If bass are holding on shallow cover, you can use the same baits close to the cover. But you can also fish slower baits like worms closer into the cover for some big bass. All these baits can make for some good summer bass action.

The types of shallow cover can come in many forms — brush and limbs or even a whole tree in the water, stumps standing flooded, timber and floating trees and brush washed up in shallow coves. I have fished this type of cover for years and caught some real nice bass in them.

I have also caught good bass on banks that have cliff lines and bluffs that go from shallow to deeper water. Bass will use these areas like a roadway to move in and out.

Just learning how bass relate to and use these areas and then using the knowledge to plan your trip will help to make you a much more successful shallow water angler.

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