Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Carr Creek Lake most always good

As I was driving by Carr Creek Lake the other day, I could not help but notice all the boats on the water and all the people fishing. The lake had a very nice healthy look to it and a nice color.

For its size, this lake gets a lot of use and has for years. I have fished this lake as long as it has been here and have always had good years of fishing. Every lake is strong when it is new for several years, but then the lake will go through some growing years as it ages. There will be up-and-down years with great fishing one year and followed by slow fishing a few years. It takes several years for a lake — especially a smaller lake — to fully develop itself and its seasonal pattern of coming back solid year after year. I think Carr Creek Lake is well past this point and is a solid lake and will be for a long time.

There are things that make a lake a good lake year after year. Things like water quality and clean water. Lakes are greatly affected by run-off and the amount of oxygen levels that are introduced into the lake through running water like rivers and streams bringing in fresh water. A good lake also is able to handle fishing pressure and has fishermen following the rules of catch-and-release and obeying catch limits. This ensures a good future for younger anglers.

Some lakes receive stocking of some fish and others rely on a natural spawn of fish in the lake to restock the lake. Natural or man-made fish cover is important to fish to feed and live in a lake. Fish habitat is used by most all the fish in a lake. And lakes with a natural solid food supply like minnows and shad schools will help to keep that balance good.

All these things working together can make for a great season of fishing on a lake for many, many years.

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