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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Finding fish during ‘dog days’

Well, it is the dog days of summer and summertime fishing is in full swing.

A lot of fisherman fish for bass all over the lake. But about just as many anglers are fishing for the feisty little bluegill. This great little fish is all over the lake and is in shallow and deeper water. I have caught bluegill in very shallow water and in pretty deep water.

If you can find a huge brush pile in deeper water and fish just above it you can get into some big bull bluegill. I have fished several spots like this over the years, and always had a great time.

In my many years of bluegill fishing I have targeted ways and spots to find and catch bigger bluegill. You can find a shallow spot with brush on it and catch a ton of smaller bluegill. This is fun for sure. But if you are looking for larger big bluegill you need to change up your game some and try things a little differently.

First off is change areas and move out of the shallow areas and look deeper. By deeper I mean from around 6 feet deep to 30 feet deep on some lakes. On very clear lakes the much deeper in normal.

Look for deep visible cover or spots found on a fish finder. The choice of cover is a main key to pick a spot. In shallow water a brush pile in 3 feet of water can produce many smaller fish. In much deeper water the cover can also be more vertical type cover, things like standing flooded cover or tree stumps and trunks. Whole large trees in deeper water can be a gold mine for fishing not just for bluegill but a lot of species of fish.

Bigger bluegill prefer to be in deeper more isolated cover spots. This lets them pick their food and not compete with smaller fish and the deeper areas are better protected and less affected by surface activities and hot weather and temperatures. The larger fish can feed and live in more peace.

I love to catch a big bluegill in 20 plus feet of water and get that great fight and see a big fish. Even several large bluegill will school on large deep cover so catching several on a spot is normal.

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