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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Pond fishing can be very peaceful

Most fishermen that have fished for long, I am sure have fished in a pond at some time. Most everybody started out fishing an old farm or strip pond somewhere. I know I grew up fishing several of the ponds that were in my area. We always seem to do well and have a good time.

One of the big things about fishing in a small pond is just the peace and quiet that a pond delivers. Most ponds are in out-of-the way spots and usually shaded by trees. This makes a pond a great spot to get away and unwind and relax.

We used to cook out on a fire or a grill and spend the whole day fishing and just relaxing. But as far as the fishing goes, you can get into some great fishing in some ponds. There are ponds with some big bass and bluegill in them.

Life in a pond is much different for a fish than living in a lake or big river. In a lake, fish have to live with heavy fishing pressure and all the moving around or boats and skiers, weather changes, rising and dropping water levels water temperatures changes and the fight for food.

In a pond, things are much more stable and unchanging and the water temperatures are more long term consistent. There are very little things to spook the fish; they live in peace.

There is little competition for food and the fish can grow to a large size in some ponds. In fact, some state records have been caught in ponds in Kentucky.

Just as with any body of water, some ponds will be better than others. Things that make better ponds are things like fresh water coming into and out of a pond. This is the key ingredient to a healthy pond. A stagnant pond is bad for anything.

Look for a clean looking, active pond for the best fishing. If you have not fished a pond in a while, give one a try soon.

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