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Fishing weed beds brings big bass

There are a lot of different types of cover that bass use at different times of the year. But there are times that the bass will use one type of cover over another for reasons like water levels and water temperatures and because of the movement of food sources like shad and minnow schools.

Cover can change greatly during the year. Right now in the summer months the sun is bright and the water is warm and the grass and weed beds in the water are in full growth mood. Bass love these types of areas and will use them as long as they can.

Weed beds can last way up into late fall of most lakes.There are several things that weed beds offer a bass. First is the fact that green growing weeds give off oxygen into the water.This makes bass active. Weed beds also offer cover and safety to not just the bass but to prey like minnows and small fish, crawdads, frogs, snakes and bugs.

Bass can cruise the outside edges of a large weed bed for food or move into the bed for safety or shade. Weed beds can be small or very large they become a mini eco system. Fishing in and around these beds can produce some nice bass at times.

If the bass are active around the edges of the bed then use baits like top waters, spinner baits, jerk baits, poppers, and crank baits or spinner baits. All these baits can produce explosive strikes. If the bass seem to be buried up deeper in the cover, then try baits like worms small jigs or tube baits. Cast into pocket areas in the cover and let the bait fall into the cover, feeling the line for strikes.

This type of fishing can pay off big when done right.

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