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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fishing the peak times

Peak times to fish for bass can change from season to season, from day to night, and during big weather changes. Other things that can affect how aggressively a bass strikes a bait include water temperature, food supply, available cover, fishing pressure, water levels rising and falling, and oxygen levels.

Low oxygen like that found in very warm or muddy water will reduce feeding levels and stress the bass population. One big thing to remember is how bass react to certain weather changes. Some of these can bring on a feeding frenzy and others can kill the bite dead.

A example of a weather change that greatly helps bass fishing in hot weather occurs in the evening when a hard and fast rain will drop the water temperature and stir up everything. This will put bass into a surface and subsurface feeding mood. This is a good time to fish a top water or buzz bait. Bass will destroy a buzzer during these times. Shallow running crank baits and spinner baits also work well, and rattling baits will attract feeding bass. On the other hand, a cold front will kill fishing. These are are the bluebird days that fishermen hate to see come.

Among the peak times to fish for bass are at dusk and at night. My favorite time is early daybreak. You can catch more bass at this time that most other times. Learning all this and learning how to use it to plan your bass fishing trips will greatly improve your fishing success.

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