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Don’t overlook bluegill this fall

It may be early fall but the bluegill are biting well. Some other members of my family and I are going bluegill fishing this week at Carr Creek Lake. I was by there the other day and the lake looked good — still close to summer pool with a good healthy color.

I am sure many of you like me grew up fishing for bluegill in ponds and lakes. This great fighting fish seems to always offer great action and fun. It is the best fish to start new or young anglers off with for sure.

These fish can be found in lakes and ponds and rivers they will scatter out everywhere and at many depths. I have been fishing brush piles in very shallow water and caught nice size bluegill and dropped a bait down over 20 feet deep on wood cover and caught big bluegill. As long as the conditions are still decent the bluegill bite will last a good long time. But when real cold temperatures settle in the bite is pretty well done.

Bluegill love warm weather and cover. One good thing about bluegill fishing is that you do not need a bunch of fancy tackle and baits, just a good light action rod and reel combo with line in the four- to six-pound test range.

As far as bait, a pinch of worm, a minnow or a live cricket is hard to beat. In some lakes and ponds the bluegill can grow very large. It is a real treat to catch one of these huge fish.

If you want an easygoing and fun day of fishing, give the bluegill a try soon.

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