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Lower lakes change fishing patterns

It is that time of year when most lakes are being dropped to winter pool. This lets any runoff from winter rain or large amounts of melting snow have somewhere to go without flooding the main lake. This is a major change to the lake and causes many changes.

Anytime water levels fall it changes fish patterns and feeding habits and fish locations. Fish know when an area is losing water and will move toward the deeper water in the main lake. Schools of baitfish are the first to move, followed by bass, walleye, musky and crappie.

Once the fish find new and more stable areas there will be new patterns fishermen will need to use to be successful in these areas. A shallow water pattern that worked in the back of a creek may not work now in a deeper area on main lake cover. Learning these changes and how they affect moving fish will go a long way in setting up new fish catching patterns in cool water fishing.

Patterns for bass fishing can change quickly going into early winter, so try to stay versatile and do not be afraid to adapt to new changes in winter fishing. Typically on most lakes the fish will move as the water is dropping even on a daily basis if needed. This is the big thing in all of this, because as a lake drops it normally will also turn over this time of year.

When a lake turns over it will change to a dark color and have a smell to it. During this time, which takes a couple of weeks, the fishing will be very tough. But the good news is that once the lake has settled and the drop to winter pool is finished, the lake will stabilize and become clearer again. After this is all over, the fish will set into early winter patterns on key main lake areas and the fishing can be some of the best of the year.

So just keep an eye on these changes and be willing to change with them.

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