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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Top waters are go-to baits for now

Most of our lakes have turned over and are starting to get clear and stable. And most lakes are close to or at winter pool levels.

During this time of year and after major changes to a lake, bass will move to more stable main lake areas. Learning this and knowing what key areas and patterns to use will greatly help you to catch more and bigger bass this fall.

As the lake settles at winter pool, it becomes a new and smaller lake to the bass. Water levels and water temperatures are different. The types of cover have changed and bass will hold and relate to these things now instead of shallow water and visible shoreline cover. Now bass will relate to structures such as rocks, ridges, cliff and bluff lines, old creek beds and river channels, points, boat docks and standing timber and stumps. All of these can hold and produce catchable bass.

While you are on the water watch for any sign of topwater action around any of this type of cover. Watch for things like fish breaking the surface or baitfish jumping on the surface. This is a sign of an active feeding area and you need to carefully fish this area.

At this time a topwater-style bait can be very effective. Buzz bait, jerk bait, popper, twitch bait or frog-style bait can work well. Cast your lure past the area and work it back through the area and give it an extra jerk or twitch around active areas. Make several casts over the area with different baits to maximize your chance of hooking up with active bass.

A lot of anglers look for and follow these feeding sprees and work them. This is a good pattern for this time of year. Give this a try with topwaters this fall.

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