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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

It’s time to pull out the crankbaits

It is fall and time for bass fishing on most lakes.

During this time of year bass will move toward main lake areas and cover. As the water levels fall and the lakes turn over, schools of baitfish will move from shallow backwater areas to along bank areas and in and around main lake cover like boat docks, steep and shallow banks with small gravel size rocks. Smallmouth bass love these type of banks. Also points and the mouths of creek channels are bass hot spots.

Schools of baitfish use these type areas in fall and early winter. Bass will also follow these baitfish and feed up for winter. So using a bait that closely resembles the look and action of a baitfish will help an angler to find and catch active fall bass. The bait that does this best is the crankbait.

A crankbait is a bait that is not hard to cast or fish. The trick is to know which one should work best for the situation you are faced with. Crankbaits come in shallow, medium and deep running versions. During this time, a medium or shallow running will work best. If you see feeding action on the surface try a topwater style bait first and then go to the crankbaits for subsurface action.

Crankbaits come in many colors. Right now I like to use colors like silver and white, black, orange and a bone color. If bass seem really active, try a white or chartreuse color. Baits with built in rattles can do well.

As far as size, start small and work your way up. If the action slows, go back to smaller baits and slower retrieves.

If you are planning a trip soon, be sure to give a crankbait a try.

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