Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass are in much deeper water now

As fall moves on and lakes are falling to winter pool, the fish will be forced to move also so they will not be landlocked in shallow pools where the lake is pulled down.

As this all happens, the schools of bait fish and smaller fish will all move toward more main lake areas. When everything settles down new fish catching patterns will begin.

Just a few weeks ago bass were being caught in the backwaters on top waters and crank baits. But now most of that is dry and bass have moved to deeper, more stable water in main lake areas.

When bass first move to these new areas they will hold first on prime key areas like points, rock piles, boat docks, manmade cover, and where culverts dump into the lake. As it gets colder bass will move to banks with a steep drop-off and, if an old creek or lake channel is close, it makes it even better.

I fish a lot of main lake points in winter and late fall. Hold your boat back off the point some and cast your bait as close to the bank as you can, and work it back giving it small jerks and twitches to draw attention to it.

I like fishing a small worm or jig or tube bait like this. Then work the point from every angle till you have fished it good. Do not be afraid to slow roll a big spinner bait or deep diving crank bait.

As the temperatures get colder the patterns will change but the fishing gets better on most lakes.

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