Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Area fishing has remained good

I have seen where a lot of lakes are still doing well for fishing right now. I have seen all kinds of nice largemouth bass being caught on several lakes in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

Before this week’s snow, we have had a mild and warmer than usual late fall, with many folks out getting in all the fall fishing they could.

My daughter and I went fishing at Carr Creek Lake recently and had a really good trip. We were just bluegill fishing from the bank. We started fishing deeper and the bite was slow, so we worked our way down the bank into more shallow water and we got into all kinds of nice-sized active bluegill and ended up catching several and had a great time.

So if you are in one spot and doing no good, just change your bait or the depth you are fishing. Or do like we did and move around to try to find more active fish.

During this time of year, fish will move around a lot and be in and out of shallow to deeper water all the time. As the weather gets much colder and the water temperatures drop, largemouth bass and crappie will school on deeper main lake structure such as along the deep side of a point and along cliff lines and bluffs and on banks that have a drop off into deeper water.

Just keep these things in mind when planning a trip the rest of this fall or early in winter.

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