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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Carr Creek Lake is good fishing hole

The other day I made a trip by Carr Creek Lake in Knott County, a lake I have fished in ever since it was built. I have fished this lake in every month of the year and in all types of weather, be it the hottest summer temperatures to the freezing cold snow in winter.

I have fished this lake in winter when it has been drawn down to the original creek and riverbeds that feed it. I have also fished this lake when it was totally flooded out and we were putting boats in at the marina at the top end of the parking lot were you first come in.

So, you can say I have seen every form of shape this lake can be in. And not just seen them — I have fished this lake in every type of shape for several different types of fish. And you know what? I have to give Carr Creek Lake the respect it has earned from me.

Over the many years of fishing this fine little lake, I have seemed to always catch fish, have fun and return home very happy. Right now the lake is at winter pool, has turned over and is settled and clear. It has a very healthy green color to it and from what I have experienced in the past, this combination along with the mild winter we have had so far add up to come good crappie, bass and walleye fishing.

Fish that would typically be some deeper are now still on steep banks and cover and will come up much shallower to feed. This condition to me calls for medium-running crank baits fished on long parallel casts to banks that drop off into deeper water or channels. Also work cover and rocky points and cliff lines with small hair jigs and tube baits.

If you have a chance, go to the lake soon and see if you can get in on some fishing fun.

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