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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Start the new year by catching a bass

Well we all made it to a new year I just hope and pray we see a better year in 2021.

I try to stay positive in all situations, so I believe most things, including chances to go fishing, will get better with a little time.

We have had a really mild winter so far and it has changed normal wintertime patterns for fish like largemouth bass and crappie. Both of these fish will feed way up into winter most times.

Late fall to early winter is a peak time to fish for bass on most lakes. During these few weeks some huge size bass can be caught and big limits of bass can be caught.

The top water action can get wild at times and bring heart-stopping strikes to baits like buzz baits and topwater baits. If you have ever gotten to experience this for yourself, I am sure it is something you will never forget.

During a normal winter in early January, water temperatures would be around or below the 50-degree range. This would typically send largemouth bass to deeper, warmer water to hold and slowly feed when needed.

At this temperature, bass have a much lower metabolism rate and will be less active and feed less and save on energy levels to wait out the cold temperatures until it warms back up some in early spring. But with these much milder weather patterns we are having, the bass will feed and hold more shallow and on steeper, warmer main lake banks and points.

What it really means is to be able to adjust to changing weather and temperatures to find the best fish catching pattern for the current time.

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year.

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