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Crankbaits catch bass year-round

There are several baits that will catch bass under almost any condition. Baits like jigs and tube baits are fished in the dead of summer and in the coldest days of winter. Some baits are just better in certain conditions. But because of newer designs and more technology put into these baits, the crankbait has become a year-round bass-catching bait on most lakes.

Years ago, when the water and air temperatures had the chill of wintertime in them, I would typically put my crankbaits away and use slower, deeper baits like jigs. But as the winters seem to be kind of milder and shorter than in years past, it has changed bass feeding and holding patterns quite a bit.

What this means is a longer crankbait bass fishing season and a blessing to bass anglers. Also, winter is shorter in most areas, allowing for earlier crankbait use in early spring. This makes for a win-win situation for everybody.

If you know anyone who is a very good crankbait angler and understands how to pick the best size and color and diving depth of baits needed to catch bass in every situation you will face on the water, then you probably know a bass fisherman who always seems to catch fish when a lot of other anglers do not.

I have always considered myself to be knowledgeable on crankbaits because I fish with them all the time. I have caught three big bass on five casts before.

If you have not tried a crankbait in a while, study up on them and you will greatly increase your bass catching skills.

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