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Best baits for fishing in winter

There was a time years ago when we really did not hear much about bass fishing in the winter months — especially for largemouth bass. Now smallmouth bass and Kentucky bass, or striped bass, are caught during most of the winter months on most lakes. They stay active during the colder months, much like crappie do.

Winter fishermen use rigs like the float and fly setup and even live bait like gold shiners and chubs. I have fished these with great success in the past for both largemouth and smallmouth bass in winter. In fact, I have had some of the best bass fishing trips ever in December and early January at Cave Run Lake and Dale Hollow Lake. I caught three bass over five pounds on one trip.

Baits you would not normally think about using in winter, like a medium- to deep-running crankbait is a top lure choice. These types of baits have really become popular in recent years as a winter bass bait. I think that is mostly because we have had milder winters the past few years, which has brought higher water temperatures and lets bass like largemouth remain active and feeding during most of the winter.

Tube-style baits and a good old hair jig will always be a top choice in winter. If you want to get out and try some wintertime bass fishing, you might just have a time of your life.

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