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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Boat docks are great fish attractors

Every lake has its own special types of cover — some form of wood cover like stumps, standing timber, fallen trees and more. Some have more rock types of cover, even manmade fish attracters.

In warm weather, weed beds provide good cover for fish. Creek channels and points and flats and dropoffs are all top fish-producing areas when fished by knowledgeable anglers. Some of these types of cover will come and go during the year, but there is one type of cover that is always there and always provides the potential to offer good fishing year-round. And that is a boat dock.

These floating docks can come in every shape and size from a small dock to a huge city-size boat dock. I saw one dock that had many huge houseboats tied up there.

This dock had a store and marina on it and a restaurant. It was so huge that full-size trucks drove out onto it with supplies.

We were early winter bass fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass. We fished all day out on the lake with not much success and we ran into a guide who told us to go fish around the edges of the huge dock.

We worked our way in and found a quiet area and started casting and flipping baits like hair jigs tipped with pork, frogs and shad-colored tube baits. By the end of the day we caught several nice bass and had a great trip.

I caught three bass, each one over three pounds, on that trip. If you have never fished a boat dock you really need to learn all you can about the many seasonal patterns for docks to greatly improve your fishing skill.

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