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Fishing for crappie during winter

Some fish like the largemouth bass will not be as active in really cold water in the low 50’s. But some do not mind the cooler water and will stay active most of the winter, fish like trout, smallmouth bass, and the very popular crappie.

I have fished most all of my life for crappie in several states. I have fished in every type of weather and water condition and in hot and cold water for crappie, and somehow I have seemed to always find a way to catch a few or a bunch of crappie.

Crappie can be patterned just like bass. Learning these things and using them when fishing for crappie will help you greatly.

Try to learn the seasonal movements of crappie and when peak feeding times are, holding depths, cover preferences, food types in a lake and best areas to fish. Also crappie are very active at nighttime so to be a well rounded crappie you need to learn how to safely night fish for them. Good baits for crappie are live minnows or baits like a crappie jig or my favorite the tube bait style bait. These have produced well for me over the years. The green and black work well and the white and silver shad color are top choices.

If you are looking for a fish to fish for year round and in most any type of weather or temperature, then crappie might just be the fish you have been looking for.

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