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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fishing good now at Cave Run Lake

We have had a few weeks of rough winter weather.

Where I live the power was out for several days and trees were down everywhere. The roads were blocked in a lot of places and wrecks were bad. The temperatures were at or below freezing and it made it very tough to get out at all.

We had ice storms, freezing rain, black ice and lots of snow. I believe that part of winter is over and it is going to be much warmer for a little bit. As soon as it calms down, some of us will begin to start thinking of fishing sometime soon.

There are a few boat and recreational vehicle shows that have happened or are happening soon. These are great ways of getting set for spring fishing.

I have heard and read a lot about some good fishing action on one of my favorite lakes, Cave Run Lake in Morehead. I have fished this lake several times over the years and camped there and always had a great time. I have won several fishing tournaments on the lake.

The reports I am getting are about some good musky, crappie and bass fishing, all taking place right now. You can go online and search this lake and find some good fishing reports. I plan on a fishing trip there in the near future.

As the weather becomes more normal the fishing should become better. The closer we get to spring the better the fishing will be. It is hard to tough it out sometimes, but much better fishing will be here before you know it.

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