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Gabby’s fishing fever

Identifying and fishing 'hot spots'

There are many ways to gain an advantage in fishing. One advantage is to identify areas containing key fish-holding cover and then to fish around the cover all you can.

Nearly all fish use cover of some kind to hold on or around most of the year — rocks,trees, weeds, boat docks or anything else that stays in one place long enough.

All cover is not the same, and certain areas will hold more and bigger fish. This hot spot is what anglers call a key fishing spot and will produce fish year after year when other spots fail.

What makes these spots better is having deeper water or shallow water close by, or an area that holds food year around, or an area that is next to where fresh water flows into the lake bringing with it fresh oxygen and food.

Some of the bigger game fish are territorial and will claim the best spot in the best cover in an area. Cover such as a single bush or tree in the water will sometimes hold the biggest fish. So find and fish these types of areas on your next fishing trip.

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