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Mostly sunny

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Clearer, warmer waters are ahead

It is early March already and some anglers are on the lake doing some bass fishing.

I have seen pictures on Facebook of some nice largemouth bass caught in Kentucky and Tennessee lakes. With all the rain and melting snow and ice we have had a lot of the lakes are high and muddy with cold water. This situation can produce some very tough fishing.

It really is best to wait some and let the water levels settle and the water to clear some and become more stable. When the water is like this there is a low oxygen content and fish will stress and become inactive and slow to feed.

Fish will not stay in this cold, muddy water long if they can find deeper, clearer water somewhere. Look for areas with clearer, more stable water and you will increase your chances to find and catch active bass.

During this time of year it might be cold and snowing today and be 60 degrees the next day. It really helps to try to plan a trip a few days in advance. Look for stable and consistent weather patterns, like a warming trend over a couple of days with normal temperatures each day. When this trend peaks before a new weather change, this is the peak time to be on the water and will give you the best chance to find active bass.

As soon as a new system moves in with colder temperatures it will slow everything back down. So try to check this out before taking your next fishing trip.

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