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Mostly clear

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Don’t overlook the small things

There are several things that have a major effect on fishing during the year. The four seasons determine the patterns of fish and when the best times are to fish a springtime pre-spawn pattern or a summertime spawning pattern or the fall post-spawn pattern up until the wintertime cold water changes everything again.

Knowing and understanding these things takes years of fishing know-how and time on the water in all seasons. The conditions will teach you more about fishing than watching fishing shows ever will.

I have always said there is no replacement for experience, and I believe that with all my heart. Hands-on experience will teach you more than you can ever study about it. But just as important as the major things that affect fishing are smaller things that even experienced anglers overlook.

One big thing especially this time of year is water color. With the rain and snowmelt runoff, water color can change fast. Cold, muddy water is one of the hardest types of water to catch fish in.

If you go to a lake or any body of water this time of year, look for the water with a good clear to light tint to it for best results. Even if it means moving around some, it is worth it to find active fish like bass and crappie. This is just something to remember on your next trip.

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