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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Reports about crappie are good

I have talked to several anglers this week who have been fishing for crappie in both Kentucky and Tennessee and have heard reports of good early spring action.

I did not get to do a lot of crappie fishing last year because of all the pandemic-related things. But this year looks much better, and I plan on doing a lot of fishing this year.

Always first off in early spring is crappie fishing. I have looked forward to this each spring for many years. Most of the time I will start at Carr Creek Lake.

This lake, over the many years that I have fished it for early spring crappie, seems to always deliver some decent action. When the water starts rising and the backwater areas are covered, and where you can find some wood cover, you will find some crappie action. I have fished this way for many years and do well often.

During this time of year you may catch a big number of fish, most of them smaller, but some will be nice size with a big slab every now and then. I have used different types of bait, from live minnows to crappie jigs and small tube baits. All have caught fish at times and work well.

But for the best fishing trip right now I rely on small minnows. I love to fish a minnow on light line under a floater. Few things in fishing are as exciting as watching a bobber being pulled under in early spring by a big crappie.

I plan on getting out soon to do all this. If you have not given it a try, do so real soon.

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