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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Embrace the way we got started

At some time in our lives, most of us have fished in a pond or a stream or river. This is how many of us got started in fishing and got a lifelong love for the sport of fishing.

Many, me included, never really ever outgrew this way of fishing. And that is fine because some of the best memories and fishing action come from these smaller waters. As a matter of fact, some of the Kentucky state record fish have come from these waters.

The biggest bluegills I ever caught came out of a pond I could cast across in most places. Several bluegills weighing more than two pounds each were caught that day and made for a lifelong memory.

I have caught some huge Kentucky bass out of the river just below my house. Some weighed over three pounds and were caught on small crank baits in places where the fast current hit the bank and cut back out before making a slow area back toward the bank. This made a holding spot for the bass. Every time I could get a bait into the area, I would get a good strike.

Over the many years, I have been blessed to get to stream-fish. I have had some really good trips and caught some nice fish. One of the most relaxing places I have ever fished is at the spillway at Carr Creek Lake, where I often fished for trout. I have caught some very nice ones over the years.

If you get a chance sometime to do some pond- or stream-fishing, give it a try and just take time to enjoy all the outdoor beauty the good Lord has given us.

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