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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fishing stained or muddy waters

Several things affect fishing at different times of the year. One of the biggest during early spring is the color of the water.

The big thing about the water’s color right now is its relation of to water temperatures. At this early time of the year the water is still cool, and cool muddy water makes for some of the toughest fishing there is. Cold muddy water has a very low oxygen level, and when fish are faced with this condition they become inactive and stressed.

As the water warms in spring, an off-colored or stained water can make for some great fishing, especially on very clear lakes. A good angler will understand the difference between muddy and stained or off-colored water and how to best fish them.

Muddy water will cause bass to hold tight to some form of cover. Baits like jigs and plastic worms that can be fished tight to and slowly around cover will work best. In stained and off-colored water, a bass will not be able to use their vision as much to look for food and will rely on sound and vibrations to find prey. This is when louder baits with rattles work best or bladed baits like buzz baits or spinnerbaits that have loud thumping flashing blades that move and spit water for a bass to locate them. Also, brighter colored crankbaits like chartreuse and white pattern baits can be seen best in stained water.

And then in clear to very clear water, use smaller and more natural-colored baits on lighter tackle for best results as bass will be easier spooked.

All of this know-how is learned from years and hours spent on the lake, and when learned it will make you a much better angler.

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