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Redbuds, dogwoods = crappie time

In the great sport of fishing there are signs that tell anglers when the best times to try to catch certain fish are here. One of the first signs for good crappie fishing is in early spring when the redbuds and dogwood trees begin to bloom out. And right now everywhere you look you see them in full bloom.

I have been a crappie fisherman all my life and have always used this as a sign to start off the crappie season. During this time of year the lakes are rising to summer pool or are at least close to it. Water will fill new areas and overfill channels and produce new water on shallow cover. Crappie love these backwater areas and will use them to hold and feed in early spring.

Large schools of crappie will hold in areas with good water depth and cover. Another reason crappie love these areas is because huge schools of baitfish and minnows will use the same areas. The new rising water has good, healthy oxygen levels in it and makes crappie more active. During this time you can catch a big number of crappie on a single trip, so be sure to release all small crappie.

Crappie will relate to many forms of cover at several different depths. My favorite is any type of wood cover. As for bait, it is hard to beat a lively minnow under a bobber. This simple rig has helped many an angler catch a lot of crappie over the years. A crappie jig or tube bait can also be very effective. You can fish these with or without a floater.

Whatever you like best, just get out soon and get your springtime crappie fishing started.

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