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Bass are now in pre-spawn pattern

Redbud and dogwood trees are full of blooms right now, which means it is time for bass to be on the move and getting ready for pre-spawn patterns.

The pre-spawn pattern means bass are now moving toward the backs of creeks and hollows and along shoreline flats. These are the types of areas where bass will make beds later and spawn their young eggs.

While bass are in the prespawn time there are patterns that work well for catching them, mostly by fishing with shallow action lures. In my many years of bass fishing during this time, I have found one of the best baits is a shallow running crankbait. I prefer to use a natural- or shadcolored bait. This is what the bass are feeding — big schools of shad.

A bass will watch the school of shad and look for slow or injured baitfish as an easy target and meal. Using a crankbait that resembles and moves like the injured shad will trigger the bass’s built-in response to strike and give you a big advantage.

I like a smaller version bait with shad colors on it that has a side-to-side action. Rattles work well also. Make a long cast parallel to the bank and work it back just fast enough to feel the bait working. You can give the bait a small stop-and-go and twitch action also to draw strikes.

By keeping your bait close to the bank on the entire retrieve you will have your bait in the strike zone area longer and increase your chance of catching a bass. This is a great time to get out and get in on this amazing action.

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