Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass are plentiful at this time

Everywhere I look someone is catching nice-sized bass. I think that because most anglers did not get out much last year because of the COVID-19, most bass anglers are more than ready to get back to some form of normal and do some bass fishing.

I have not gotten to do much so far, but I plan on doing a lot of fishing this year. I always like to start off around this time of year doing some backwater crappie fishing, but I always look forward to early spring pre-spawn bass fishing to kick off the season.

Bass are following schools of baitfish into shallow and backwater areas and feeding on them in preparation of the spawn coming up soon. This offers bass anglers that understand this pattern and know how to fish it an opportunity to have one of the best trips of the year. Also, as a big bonus is that big female bass will move into shallow water areas looking for nesting areas to lay their eggs. So, this can be a time to catch numbers of bass and some large bass also.

Baits like shallow running crankbaits and spinners, and also top waters and buzz baits, can bring explosive strikes. I like to use brighter colors like chartreuse-green, yellow and red. Natural shad and baby bluegill color patterns also work great.

Try to fish water with shallow areas and cover along the shoreline. Also, cliff lines and bluffs can be bass hotspots. And never overlook a point with a deep and shallow bank around it. If a creek channel hugs in close be sure to fish it.

It is time to get out and do some spring bass fishing.

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