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Getting started in a great sport

There are always folks asking me how I would recommend getting someone new to fishing started for the first time. This is a very good question. This means that someone else is going to share in the enjoyment of the great outdoors that we all love so much.

First-time anglers are not always just young people but all age groups. These young people are the future of our sport of angling and the older newcomers are the next group of anglers to keep our sport alive. So I take these matters seriously.

Just because you are getting into fishing for the first time does not mean that you have to have a expensive rod and reel and a load of tackle and baits. Fishing tackle is like most everything else, you can put a lot of money into fancy products or you can start out with the basics for a reasonable price.

This is what I would recommend. Start with a light to medium action rod around six or six and a half feet long, and a spin cast reel like a Zebco 33 or 202. These are the reels almost everybody got started out on as a child. Or try a small spinning reel. These are the reels that have the bail that you flip over and cast and then reel it to make the bail flip back and take up the line. Most of the time this is a better reel for someone that has a little more time fishing.

Just a small tackle box with dividers in it to sort out your tackle will work well. As for tackle, just an assortment of small bluegill-style hooks will work for most fishing. If you plan on doing some bass fishing or catfishing, you can buy some larger size hooks also. You will also need a selection of small crimp on sinkers to put on your line to get the bait to sink to the depth you want to fish.

Most new reels come with line on them but if yours doesn’t, then get some light line in the 6- to 10- pound test range. This will take care of most fishing you will be doing.

If you want to use a floater, this makes seeing the fish’s strike much easier. Floaters come in many different sizes and colors. Pick up some small round and long-shaped floaters; this will get you started. All of this is fairly lowpriced stuff.

For the young fisherman, you can get rods and reels and tackle with animated and cartoon characters on them. Also buy combos with the rod and reel and the tackle all in one package.

Once you get all your tackle and are ready to start fishing, look for a area that is known for good bluegill fishing in a pond or a place in a lake that has some type of fish attractors like old Christmas trees. This will hold many fish and keep the fishing action going. As for bait, red worms, nightcrawlers, minnows and crickets are good.

So the next time you have the chance to introduce a newcomer to fishing, be sure to. Just think, every young child you get into fishing, while they are enjoying fishing and the great outdoors they will not be into or doing things they don’t need to be doing. You never know when you might just introduce the next Bill Dance to our sport of fishing.

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