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State is blessed with big bluegills

Everyone likes to catch fish but there is something extra special about catching a big fish, and most everyone likes to catch a huge bluegill.

Bluegill are everywhere and all over the lake. These are the little fish on which almost every angler learned to fish. I was very young when I caught my first bluegill. I loved it then and have never stopped loving catching them to this day. I would rather catch a giant bluegill than most any other fish.

We are blessed to have some lakes in the state of Kentucky that hold huge bluegill. Beaver Lake, Elmer Davis Lake, and McNealy Lake are all rated by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife as some of the top bluegill lakes for huge fish. Also, Kentucky Lake is rated number one for number of bluegill catches.

The present state record bluegill is four pounds, three ounces caught by Phil Conyers in a western Kentucky strip mine pit lake in Hopkins County in August 1980. That is a monster bluegill. I have caught a few over the years weighing more than a pound and was amazed at how big they looked.

On a trip to Cave Run Lake, we had stopped at a bait shop when some local old-timer came in and asked us how many “knotheads” we had caught. At the time I did not know what they were talking about but soon learned they were talking about bluegill that got so big they had humps on their heads. We caught some giant ones and had a great time.

If you want some great fun, look for some big bluegill action.

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