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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Go trout fishing this summer

With these hot temperatures, it is most certainly summertime and makes it hard for a lot of folks to get out and do much.

There is also a fish that likes it better on the cool side. The trout is a fish that is much more at home in cooler, moving water and deeper water in many lakes.

Not only is the deeper water cooler in summer, but it has also much better oxygen levels than hot shallow water does. Trout are one of the fish that really prefer cold water to even warm water.

A trout can live in very cool water in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. On most lakes trout can be found and caught in the spillway area. When fishing for trout I like to use light- to medium-action tackle such as a spinning rod outfit with around eight- to 10-pound test.

Trout are attracted to bright colors like green, yellow, white, and red. Some trout angles will slide colored beads onto their lines. Long shank hooks seem to work well. You can buy trout baits at the store that work okay. Also, sweet corn is used by many trout anglers and small white marshmallows work well. I always used small pieces of redworms to get a lot of good bites. You can also mix any of these on a single hook.

I have caught several real nice trout in the rivers over the years. They are fun fish to catch. Get out and give it a try sometime.

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