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Late summer crappie fishing

Fishing is a sport that runs in cycles, and we are in now in the late summer cycle when the water is still very warm but the air temperatures are getting milder.

This is the time when crappie start moving toward the shallower water and cover at night, during early morning and during low light or overcast cloudy weather. If you are crappie fishing during one of these times, look for cover like wood or weed cover in shallow water or around boat docks and fish around four to eight feet deep with minnows, tube baits or curly tail jigs for best results. Fish as close to the cover as you can.

If you are catching crappie and the action slows you will want to change the depth of your bait by fishing deeper or more shallow. You may also try different colored baits, as crappie can be very colorpicky at times.

If you have tried all this with no luck, then try a different spot or move out to deeper cover. For the next few weeks, the crappie should hold in their basic summer pattern of deeper water. When you are on a boat looking for a spot in deeper water to fish for crappie, watch your fish finder for signs of schools of bait fish. Crappie — and bass — will be close by.

If you are looking for crappie in shallow water, birds feeding close to the surface in shallow water or minnows breaking the surface are good signs that shallow bait fish are in the area.

Another great place to find crappie at this time of year is on or around a bluff or cliff line that has deeper water on it. This will allow the crappie to move up and down the cliff line in a vertical movement.

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