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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Need to cool off? Fish a stream

The hot part of summer is here and so is the topwater action for bass.

The number one topwater bait for most bass anglers is the old-favorite buzzbait. This is one of the most basic design of lures, but one of the most widely used for catching bass on or near the surface. This bait has caught more and bigger bass than most other topwater baits put together.

But just like any bass bait, the buzzbait is one you need to first learn its basic functions and how it works in different situations and conditions. This is a bait you can fish in six inches of water or 60 feet of water. The key is to be fishing in shallow areas where bass are holding to the shoreline or holding on shallow cover. It is very effective in the hottest time of the day when huge schools of baitfish are in open water with bass following them and feeding close to the surface.

When choosing to use a buzzbait, watch for any signs of baitfish or bass breaking the surface of the water or small fish skipping on the surface this is a sign off bass feeding activity. Make long casts past the active area and retrieve the bait just fast enough to make the blade spin and spit water and make the screeching sound that drives bass crazy.

When a bass blows up on a bait like this it can be a heart stopping experience. Also, a buzzbait is perfect for fishing rivers and shallow water along the banks and is best at nighttime.

The buzzbait is most definitely one of my favorite baits for bass. Give it a try and you will see why it’s a great way to fish.

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