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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fish are looking to escape sun, too

With the hot time of summer here a lot of folks are staying in during the day. Fish are also seeking places out of the hot sun, and one of the best spots for a fish to look for cooler cover is in a weed bed.

Most every body of water from a small farm pond to a major lake have weed beds in some form. Everything from minnow baitfish to bluegill, crappie and bass use these areas in summer. These weed beds offer baitfish and game fish a place of safety and protection from larger fish, along with shade and cooler temperatures than in open water.

Also, weed beds are always growing and put off oxygen into the water, which makes the area much more attractive to fish and will make them more active. Weed beds can grow all the way to the surface, such as lily pads. There are deep weed beds that are hot spots to fish if you can find them. Some weed beds last for several months and some not as long. But anytime you have the chance to fish a weed bed it is well worth the time to find one.

Weed beds have areas that seem to be most productive. Always work the edges and make casts with baits like top waters and spinners parallel-style and work the bait along the edge of the bed. Also look for dips or big pockets in the bed and fish these areas. Look for open areas or holes back in the bed. Work this with a topwater bait like a jerk or twitch style bait.

A big fish weed bed pattern is to locate isolated weed clumps close to but separate from the main bed. Big bass will use these areas as ambush points. Always take time to toss a worm or jig into these areas but hang on because big fish have been caught by doing this.

So, the next time you come across a weed bed take time to check it out.

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