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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Hot sun is no fun for old miners

It has been dangerously hot the last few weeks with a lot of people unable to get out in the hot sun for long periods of time.

I enjoy the days of summer and love to get out and fish and camp and work in my garden, but after working for more than 35 years as an underground coal miner in 53-degree or so temperatures, I am not much for this hot weather at all. I just cannot get out in the 90-plus degree weather and do much.

But if you love the sport of fishing much as me you find ways to fish and be safe about it. One way is to get out early and fish. The big plus to fishing early is that this is a peak feeding time for bass.

Bass will cruise along the bank and hold on shallow cover in the early morning darkness and fog coming off the lake. This is a perfect time to fish noisy top waters and buzz baits along a bank. Many big bass have been caught over the years by doing this, so it makes getting up early well worth it.

Another good time to fish is late afternoon and at night. The whole lake comes alive with activity at night in the summer and it is a much cooler time to be out.

In the summer the temperatures can be hot, but so can the fishing. Just be safe during this time of year.

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