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Plastic worms

If there ever is one bait that bass go crazy over, it is a plastic worm. I would not be afraid to say more big bass have been caught on plastic worms than any other bait.

I have to say for myself and my lifetime of bass fishing I have been blessed with catching several bass over five pounds and a couple in the seven-pound class. And all of these big bass were caught on a plastic worm. So you could say this is one of my best and most productive baits.

The plastic worm comes in many sizes and colors and styles. Most worms are fished with a sinker on the line in front of the worm or on a jig head style hook and fished deeper and in and around heavy cover. Also a worm can be fished on smaller lighter sinkers and fished in shallow areas and along the bank.

There are also floating worms that can be fished as a topwater bait in heavy weed beds and shallow grass mats. These type areas are known for huge bass and explosive topwater strikes.

A worm is a bait that can be fished day or night. It is an absolute killer bass bait at nighttime and really can produce some great action. Worms come in several colors and can be used to match the water color and conditions you are faced with. In darkercolored stained water I like to use some brighter or mix of colors. A worm comes in a lot of mixed colors like a purple body with a green or red tail.

These are very popular and effective baits used by many anglers. At nighttime try dark-colored baits like black, green, purple or a mix.

Worms also come in smaller and finesse styles so when you can, give worm fishing for bass a try.

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