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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Look for crappie under wood cover

With fall here it is time to get into some of the best crappie fishing of the year.

When the water is hot in the summer and the oxygen levels are low in the shallow water most fish like the crappie will move to deeper cooler water. And this means fishing deeper water and deeper cover and even night fishing to avoid the heat of day. But thank God most of that is over and the milder weather is here.

The crappie is one of the first game fish to move toward more shallow water in early fall. They will follow schools of baitfish into the backs of creeks and around main lake points. Also look for types of cover — mostly wood cover — for the best action.

I have fished many forms of wood cover for fall crappie — laid-down trees off the bank, treetops in the water, standing timber, stumps, and shallow and deep brush piles. All of these are great places to locate and catch fall crappie.

Each one of these types of cover will have a “best way” to fish them. On most, try starting shallow around two to three feet deep. Then start dropping down slowly to find the most active fish.

The crappie fishing will just get better as we get into later fall.

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