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Gabby’s fishing fever

Learning about 'pattern fishing'

You may have heard an experienced bass fisherman talk about finding a pattern bass like. Many of the top bass tournament anglers use their knowledge and experience to choose an artificial lure. This is the first step to figuring out a fish catching pattern.

I have always said that in fishing there is no replacement for experience. An angler with years of experience has an advantage over a new angler in understanding and using patterns in fishing.

What exactly is pattern fishing? Well a pattern is basically figuring out where and in what type of cover the fish will be most active and what type of bait will be needed to catch them.

For example, if you go bass fishing on a new lake and don’t know where to start or what to use for bait, just take a little time to see what nature is doing. By this, I mean just watching for signs of activity like minnows breaking the surface or birds feeding close to the surface or even big game fish breaking the surface.

What would activity like this tell you? It should tell you that the bass are feeding close to and on the surface. That gives you a big first step to setting up your pattern to use a top water type bait or even a small spinner bait. You would then know to cast your bait past the activity and work it back through the area, trying to make your bait act like the bait the bass are feeding on.

If you catch more than one bass doing this then you are on your way to figuring out the best way to catch bass that day. It is important to remember the cover, water depth, type of bait, speed and action of the retrieve. All of these things are very important to know, because now you will want to try to find a similar area and do the exact same thing. If you can catch bass doing the same thing you are on a fish catching pattern.

This style of fishing can be used for any type of fish. Just start out slowly and put a pattern together. It will pay off big in the end.

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