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Fish love the cover boat docks offer

Most fish like to be in or around some type of cover most of the time. One of the most underfished and overlooked forms of cover is a boat dock. And this is sad, because some boat docks can have some of the best fishing in the lake around them.

The thing about boat docks is that they come in so many different sizes and shapes. Some are small and some are like a floating city. But the thing to remember is no matter how big or complex a dock may be, it is still a fishable type of cover.

And as with any type of cover, huge or small, you have to mentally take it apart and look for hot spots and high percentage areas and concentrate your fishing efforts on these areas.

I have fished many boat docks on countless numbers of lakes in my lifetime and had some of the best trips of my life doing it. The main thing you need to remember about fishing around docks is you will be close to people’s boats and other personal property. Always get permission and show respect to others. And look for posted “no fishing” signs on some docks and always ask first.

Fishing from a boat back toward the dock is better most of the time, but always be respectful to others when doing that, too.

If you have not fished a boat dock in a while, give it a try soon.

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