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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Jig-fishing makes you a better angler

With the milder days and cool nights here, this is when fishing is at its best with bass moving shallow and holding on cover while looking for food.

A bass is an ambush style feeder that will hold in and around cover and wait for a meal like a shad or baitfish to come by and strike it. This makes for a great pattern to set up to fish in and around most forms of cover.

Sometimes bass will hold onto the outside edges of the cover when they are a little more active and feeding. And sometimes they will move deeper into the main body of the cover when a cold front or sudden weather change happens. When you are faced with fishing cover like this a jig is a top bait to use.

I have fished a jig all my life and it seems to always be a great choice to catch bass, not just in the fall but all year long. When you first fish around a big fallen tree for example, start by fishing the outside edges and smaller limbs with a small jig working the area well and target all branches and anywhere you see feeding activity.

After you do this go to bigger jigs like a 3/8 oz. and work in closer to the main body and let the bait fall on a snug line while watching and feeling for strikes. Once you learn these methods you will be on your way to being a much better bass angler.

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