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Drawdowns boost crappie catches

Anglers look forward to this time of year to do some great crappie fishing, as most of the lakes are close to or at the winter pool drawdown level.

The lakes are starting to turn over and are looking good and the fishing will get good as soon as everything settles down and stabilizes. The water and surface temperatures are much cooler than they were a few months ago, giving the water better oxygen levels. This in turn causes fish to move to shallow areas and along shorelines and around points to hold and look for food.

Crappie love to hang around some form of cover most of the time. In most of my many years of fishing cover for crappie, the best I have found is wood cover. There can be many different forms of wood cover. A big fallen tree, standing timber, or willow limbs in the water are great places to look for crappie. Weed beds and rockpiles can also hold feeding fall crappie.

Crappie and bass follow schools of baitfish into back water areas and feed for the fall season. Once the crappie settle into a shallow water pattern they become active and can make for a great day of fishing.

If you get a chance to give some fall fishing for crappie a try looking for the types of areas I mentioned for the best results.

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