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Look for crappie in standing timber

It is time to get ready for the cool weather fishing season. I look forward to this time of year as I prefer the cooler weather and in most cases the fishing is better on most lakes.

When the water temperatures drop and the lakes are lowered to winter pool, the lake does its fall turnover. When all this has happened and the lake becomes stable, a lot of good-to-great crappie fishing can be found around shoreline cover such as wood, weed beds, flooded standing timber, and stumps. All these are great places to look for fall crappie.

I have fished for crappie in every imageable type of weather and temperature range, from the hottest time of summer to the coldest days of the winter. The good thing is you can catch crappie on the coldest or hottest day of the year. Over the years I have fished Carr Creek Lake right before Christmas and caught crappie in less than six feet of water.

Crappie, just like any fish, has seasonal patterns that work best for different times of the year. Right now, crappie will move to main lake hollows and creeks to hold onto vertical-type cover.

An example is the standing timber that is flooded in Smiths Branch and in Big Kelly Fork and Little Kelly Fork on Carr Creek Lake, where there are standing tree trunks in deeper water. What this does is allow the crappie to move up and down vertically on the same cover and not have to move. The trick with crappie is to find the depth where they are the most active. By doing this you will find the most active feeding fish.

If you get a chance to get out soon, try these tips for a good day on the water.

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