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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fish can still be found near shore

We have had some cold days this fall, but we also have had some warmer days. This will keep the bass and other fish in more shallow water for a while longer.

As the shallows warm in the daytime sun, fish will use these areas to hold and feed. But as it gets much colder, fish like largemouth bass will go some deeper to hold. However, smallmouth bass and crappie are not as affected by the colder water and will feed all winter on most lakes, which is why they are so very sought after by anglers looking for cool weather action.

A lot of the same shallow-running baits that were used in late fall can be used during these warmer days. A shad-patterned shallow-running crank bait or a spinner bait run just under the surface can draw hard strikes. Also, jig style baits and tube baits fished on small jig heads can be a great bait for bass feeding on a shallow warming rocky bank on most lakes.

When you are fishing most lakes this time of year and it is a warmer type of day, look for banks with the most sunlight on them during most of the day. This is a great early winter bass fishing pattern on most lakes, and it can produce some great fishing.

So, the next time you get a chance to do some cool weather fishing give this a try.

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