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Give trout fishing a try this winter

One fish that is overlooked most of the time, but a lot of anglers enjoy fishing for is trout.

I have a lot of good memories when I was younger of fishing in small creeks and rivers for the multi-color trout. Most of the time, trout can best be found in cooler clear water with some type of current present.

Most trout prefer to hang out in some type of current to wait for food to be washed by. You do not hear a lot about the trout fishing in this area most of the year, usually only when the Department of Fish and Wildlife does the stocking twice a year in approved streams and rivers.

To meet the guidelines a stream must be clean and cool with good moving water. You can check state fish and wildlife web sites for trout stocking schedules. They typically happen in early spring and mid-winter in most areas. This keeps the water temperature cool enough to allow the trout to be moved without killing them.

Trout love cold moving water and can’t live in warm, still water. This makes the trout one of the best fish to go after in the colder winter months. Once you pick out a trout stream, look for areas with good moving current. Make your cast up stream and let the bait work down with the current on a snug line.

Trout will always face into the current to wait on food, so use this to your advantage when fishing. As far as baits, you can use corn, small marshmallows or redworms, or a mix of them. For lures, a small minnow plug or bright colored spinner works well.

If you are looking for a fun cool water fish to go after, then give the trout a try soon.

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