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Gabby’s fishing fever

It's the best time of the year to fish

For fishermen, the arrival of fall means change for the better — better fishing, better action, and a better chance to catch a trophysize fish.

It is a time of year when fish will start moving toward the shallower water and to shallow cover, which is great news for the fisherman because the fish are moving shallow to fatten up for the coming winter months.

Bass and crappie are some of the first fish to start the move toward shallow water, and I have already gotten reports of good bass fishing on crank baits close to the bank on a few lakes. The bass will start their fall pattern by moving from deeper water cover like creek channels and steep cliff lines and to main lake points on the deep side and to stairstep bluffs and sloping rocky banks and the mouths of major creeks coming into the lake.

These different forms of cover have two things in common. They have both shallow water and deeper water close by for the bass to use. All of these types of cover also have a creek channel that runs or hugs in close to them at some point, and that is a key hot spot for all fish.

According to reports I have been getting, Carr Creek Lake is still at summer pool with the water lightly stained from all the recent rain. The water has a surface temperature of around 74 to 76 degrees. Bass are pretty good during the day on crank baits, on top waters early in the morning, and on plastic worms at night fished in cover around four to eight feet deep.

Crappie are good and improving on minnows fished in and around wood cover in six to 10 feet of water. Day fishing is good, but night fishing still seems to be best.

A few walleye have been caught on deep diving crank baits and live bait rigs using chubs or nightcrawlers fished close to main lake channels.

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