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Gabby’s fishing fever

Catch a bass on every cast

Area lakes are not at winter pool yet, but they are slowly dropping.

While the water is dropping, fish such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, muskie, walleye and crappie are moving to main lake areas that have deeper water. Schools of bait fish use these main lake areas in the early fall and the bass and other fish follow them to feed on them.

If you are out on a lake fishing and see bait fish breaking the surface, game fish will be close around. Most anglers like to fish these areas by retrieving a small crank bait or a spinner bait through the school of bait fish. This can be a time where a bass can be caught on every cast, because this is a time where the bass and other game fish group in schools in larger numbers.

Any bait that can be cast and retrieved and worked under the water in the two- to six-foot range is a good bait to use. Rattling lipless crank baits such as a chrome rattle trap is also a top bass catcher. Some plastics like a zoom fluke can work good on schooling bass as well.

Types of main lake cover or structure fish are now using include points that run out into deeper water, deeper stairstep banks with a channel close by, and also bluffs and cliff lines. Boat docks and channel edges that break off into deeper water all can be top producing areas in fallen water.

As the water levels continue to drop to winter pool the fish will also move to stay in the deeper water. Fishing the main lake areas with these type baits will help to keep you on fish as the water drops.

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