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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are in the mood for food

With water temperatures continuing to cool, bass are moving from deeper summer holes to more shallow water. This will make bass more aggressive and in the mood to feed. Also, the dropping of the lakes to winter pool is forcing some of the bass out of the shallower back water areas and into the main lake areas.

This makes bass change their holding pattern that allows them to feed and move around and feel safe in area. This may be a main lake point or the mouth of a creek or channel, a hump or island, a creek channel edge or bluff wall, the edge of a flat with a weed bed or even a roll of flooded timber on a creek channel edge. All of these types of cover have the potential to hold fall bass.

You might catch bass on one of these types of cover one day and do better on your next trip by fishing a different cover. One thing that will always help you to catch more bass is if the cover has deeper water close by. These are the high percentage areas where you will want to concentrate most of your fishing effort.

The water surface temperatures are in the 72 degree range, meaning that the bass will be fairly active all day and frequently at night. Some of the best bass fishing is being done at night and will be for some time to come. Bass will move up very shallow and will hold tight to the bank at night.

A good type of bait to catch these bass is a buzz bait or a noisy top water bait like a chugger or a popper. Make your cast close to and parallel with the bank and retrieve close to the bank as well. If the bass are holding close to the bank they are there for a reason — to feed. If you make your cast and retrieve parallel to the bank you will be keeping your bait in the fish’s strike zone during the entire retrieve.

You should also look for fall bass on main lake cover and try baits such as big Texas rigged worms and crawdad-colored jigs and shallow and deep diving crank baits.

So get out and give fall bass fishing a try. The best part is that as the water temperatures drop on down the bass fishing will get even better.

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