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Crank baits for catching bass

No other bait looks or acts more like a bait fish than a crank bait. Crank baits come in shallow, medium and deep diving versions, and they also are manufactured in several color and pattern combinations.

During this time of year most anglers will fish the natural looking colors such as a silver and black shad-colored bait. Every lure company has its own name for a shad-colored bait. The chromecolored baits also work well. Another great pattern is the fire tiger pattern, which is a chartreuse-colored bait with black stripes. This has long been a top producing color for fall bass fishing. In addition to bait fish, bass will also feed on small bluegill, so you can also try the bluegill-colored baits.

Most fall crank bait anglers use shallow and medium depth running crank baits. The shallow baits will run from just under the surface to around three or four feet deep. The medium running baits will run from four feet deep to around eight feet deep, and the deep divers will run from eight feet on down to more than 20 feet deep depending on the model of the bait.

Lip-less crank baits such as rattle traps are also great fall bass baits and can bring quick and non-stop action when fished in a school of actively feeding bass.

Several rod companies make specialty rods for use with crank baits that are long and limber rods. When fishing with crank baits, cast your lure a little past your target and work the bait back through the feeding bass. You may have to make several casts to the same area before getting a strike.

Get out and give fall bass crank bait fishing a try.

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